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High innovative Startup where all the members are skilled researchers


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Innovation is the best means of successfully tackling societal challenge

such as health and ageing




systems for biomedical engineering applications


Wearable systems

A platform of wireless sensors based on wearable antennas, accelerometers and signal processing algorithm.

Mobile device for biological multi-parameters measurements

Multi-sensors meter design able to measure from a drop of blood important parameters like glycaemia, cholesterol, oxygen etc.

Wearable platform for Ambient Assisted Living

Design of wearable wireless sensors for improving the quality of life of not self-sufficient people and/or the ageing of elder people.

Energy harvesting

The design center develop energy harvesting systems beyond the state-of-art which could be employed in all the low power smart sensors.

RF devices

Multilayered circuit design and custom antennas  (Wi-Fi, LTE, 5G) with a specific conformal shape.

Pulsed electric field

Design and prototyping microwave and pulsed electric field base systems for functional products processing and nutraceuticals recovering from by-products of food processing.

Our System are able

  • to improve the quality of life of patients, formal and informal caregivers
  • to improve effectiveness of the medical treatments
  • to increases the early diagnosis
  • to reduce the public expense

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