Aly for telemedicine

A single multidisciplinary and multiparametric platform connects patients with the healthcare system (General practitioner, Specialists, Pharmacies). It offers innovative digital therapies and advanced predictive and personalized telemedicine functions. It contains a wide range of medical devices able to bring together all the information found in "Real-TimeIt improves the quality of life and reduces healthcare costs.

It improves the quality of life and reduces healthcare costs.

It receives and processes data on the state of health of patients
Innovative digital tools
Designed for remote medical assistance, which is achieved by connecting a full range of medical diagnostic devices.
"Real-Time" measurements
It allows you to detect abnormalities in the vital parameters of patients and to quickly establish contact with doctors in case of need.
Predictive medicine and precision medicine
Artificial intelligence systems to support the doctor and the patient give indications on: trend of the values detected, distribution of values by reference interval, predictive indices, adherence to therapy.
Healthcare facility

Manage all healthcare facilities (clinics, multi-specialty centers, RSAs) from a single telemedicine portal. The portal allows the management of multiple structures, doctors and pharmacies connected in a single system.


Monitor all clients remotely with the integrated "Aly" telemedicine system which allows you to connect the client with the pharmacy and healthcare staff.


A simple system with an intuitive graphical interface to better manage customers with healthcare personnel and / or the healthcare facility.

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