About us

A company founded on Research and Innovation with the aim of transferring its technologically advanced systems into the daily life of users, sensitively improving their quality of life.
We design and offer, directly or in collaboration with partners, state-of-the-art ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) and IoT (Internet of Things) systems, mainly in the health sector.
We develop our business by working in an organised manner with competent and reliable partners We believe in synergies and we are available to sign collaboration agreements.

What we do

Innovate in partnership

Innovation is the best way to successfully address social challenges such as health and ageing.
Our role is that of the innovator by participating in a joint project within qualified partnerships and we follow our innovations in all "Technology Readiness Level" (TRL) up to the placement of products and services based on them. Contact us

Research and Development

We design and implement innovative, high-tech systems beyond the state of the art, mainly in the field of biomedical engineering (IoT, telemedicine, ICT for home care AAL, wearable antennas and sensors, measurements with Bio-impedance and early diagnosis systems).

We transfer and offer advanced technologies

Directly or in cooperation with our partners, we offer systems at the cutting edge of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) and IoT (Internet of Things)
. In the healthcare sector we offer innovative telemedicine systems and the latest generation of smart electromedical devices.

Our technology

Find out more about the potential of our technological offer in the various fields of application (Health, Environment, Energy and Agrifood) in which we focus our attention and let us know if you are interested in our systems and collaboration.

Products and services

Currently our systems are used by many users in Italy and abroad.
Find out more about innovative products and services designed by Emtesys available on the market today, marketed by us or by our partners, divided by sector and application of reference.

Press room

Keep informed about our news, also in this session you can subscribe to the newsletter to be informed about the demonstration events we organize in the area.

Our partners

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